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Employee training course schedules.  Update classes for OSHA, Blood Born Pathogen, Safety, MSDS, Chemicals, Equipment usage & maintenance.

Training never stops at L & K.  We stay involved in the new developments in our industry.  We maintain on-going training programs with our staff.


General Cleaning


Detail Cleaning is a priority!


Quality Inspections are routine


A Clean workplace is important to you and us

Not Pretty, but Important!
Offices or Industrial, we clean it

Industrial Safety & Hygiene Classes Scheduled for July 20126
Thanks to the following employees who attended and passed the exam in 2015
Rosa, Deb, Cathy, Hectar, Octavio, Tyrone and Samantha
Biohazard & Infectious Disease Control Classes begin again in August, 2016
Congratulations to last years graduates from July 2015
William, Hectar, Luiz, Robert, Sandy, Maria, Sandy, LaTasha and Phil

Floors in need of stripping
Before we start

This floor has had any maintenance besides mopping
3x a week for last 6 months

Old finish, dirt & grease need to go!
Identify what you need to use

Heavy industrial foot traffic brings in grease, dirt, metal shavings
and other debris onto floor

Cleaned and ready to be finished
Getting off everything is the key

The key to cleaning the floor is using the right chemicals,
cleaning machine and pads.

Old Finish, removed
make sure to rinse before applying new finish

Making sure the floor is clean and neutralized
prior to applying new floor finish

Applying the new finish in layers
use rayon mop & ScJohnson Wax finish

We apply numerous coats of floor finish to create
barrier for dirt while providing deep gloss shine.

Multiple coats of finish are best!
High gloss and durable, ready for foot traffic

Looking good and ready for the next 6 months!