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Dedicated to everyone who has helped us to be a success.

Since 1978 we have been involved in the cleaning industry and during that time we have had many teachers, mentors, friends, family members, business associates and customers who have taken the time to give us advice, counsel, support and helped to contribute to our success.

Yes, we take care of our employees

Pointing us in the right direction:
In no particular order they are:
Clem Swanson, Joe Greenfield, Gordon Bleckert, Gary McCarthy, Charles Ginsberg, Joe & Helen Galo, Ed & Grace Soukup, Ron Galo, Ed Soukup Jr, Dan Soukup, Ken Galo II, Brittany Galo, Piers Chance, Thomas Tess, Barry Blinder, Norm Wood, Alex Virag, Ken & Jean Katona, Greg Wiedel,Steve Hall, Pete Boano, Kathy Glasl, Mark Stecker, John Capozzi, Fred Fryer, Joe Murdoch, Tom Pazur, Rick Belisle, Mike Heath, Jim Rafferty, Terry Fulton, Karen Kamin, Doug Troutman, Tom Harrington, Dan Janssen, Howard Madorski, Dave Rivelis, Robert Page, Jay Dallman, Terry Dulek, Nancy Kurdella, Mark Lardinois, Rick Allcox, Jeff Kastrul, Elizabeth Spoelstra, Ed Trieck, Bob Woodhouse,Dave Crichton, Christy Caley, Steve Mastio, Sonya Busby, Mike Busby, Rich Short, Rick VanderKoy, Stacie Whitacre, Ron Segura, Lon Radloff, Steve Behringer, Harry Cender, Debra Collins, Tim Nash, Joel Daniels, Jason Crichton, Brian Earley, David Edwards, Sara Fuller, Monica Garza, Dave Gelinas, Rick Gelinas, Hollye Lindquist, Traci Isley, John Markey, Rod Kasnick, Kenny Cornell, Tom King, Lois Menzel, Eric Lowenthal, Marge Lowenthal, Glen Reitz, Clyde Sherman, George Barnett, Don Smith, Anthony Trombetta, Sandy Conard, Brian Vanous, Darius Webb, Mike Hegge, Jeff Fillmore, Diane Lindsey,Jeff Konrad,John Markey,Sue St. Pierre,John Robertson,Karl Hurlebusch, Jim Reynolds,Mike Underwood, Lisa Underwood,Liz Trotter,Kevin Neal, Tim Herr, .... 

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